Who we are

When we founded Pip & Grow, we committed to doing more …more than creating beautiful products … more than giving parents peace of mind … more than simply making a profit. 

Pip & Grow strives to keep children safe by creating beautiful, socially-, and environmentally- responsible products ethically made right here in the USA. 

We believe that all children deserve a safe, stable, and nurturing environment at home and in the community. From beginning to end, we’ve worked hard to build a company ecosystem that promotes the health and safety of the entire family. 

We do more by ensuring our manufacturers provide employees with health insurance and a living wage. We do more by partnering with companies that give back in their communities. We do more by making socially responsible, sustainable choices that create healthy, happy families.


Purchasing a Pip & Grow Product Means:

  • You’re creating jobs in economically-disadvantaged communities
  • Your money is used to pay employees a living wage
  • You’re supporting manufacturers that give back to their communities
  • Your dollars are keeping manufacturing jobs in the U.S.
  • You’re supporting companies that prioritize the environment
  • You believe in socially-responsible, sustainable business

Made in the USA


We work solely with American manufacturers that pay a living wage in communities of need. Our products might cost a few dollars more than our competitors, but we think our customers will be ok with that when they understand that those dollars don’t line our corporate pockets but, rather, go to work in the communities that need them the most. 


we stand for

  • Raising awareness about preventable child injury without shaming caregivers
  • Providing thoughtfully designed tools parents can trust
  • Producing scientifically-informed child safety products that also make parents’ lives easier
  • Preserving the environment for the next generation
  • Serving as a force for good in the community

Our Team


We are mothers, aunts, public health professionals, child-injury prevention specialists and researchers. We are committed to science-backed, simple, safe and responsible parenting.


Our Team

Amber Kroeker, MPH Founder

Amber Kroeker, MPH


Kate Compton Barr, MPH Founder

Kate Compton Barr, MPH


Lauren Hughey Founder

Lauren Hughey


Jason Pritchard COO and Financial Strategist

Jason Pritchard

COO and Financial Strategist

Advisory Committee