How to Assemble Your New Smitten


Step 1: Unpack your Smitten Sleep System

Your shipment includes: 

  • 1 mattress
  • 1 sheet
  • 10 adhesive strips
  • 2 handles
  • 1 Smitten bassinet box

Step 2: Pop Out the Cardboard Handles


Step 3: Apply Adhesive Strips

Peel strips off the large sheet and place according to map below. Green rectangles indicate where you should adhere each strip. You will have two strips left over. 


Step 4: Build The Ends


1. Remove the paper backing from the three adhesive strips on one end of your Smitten. Fold in the angled wings and bring them together. 

2. Fold the end panel up to the wings. Carefully attach the wings to the adhesive strip on the end panel. Note: Once the adhesive is attached, it cannot be removed.

3. To complete end, fold end panel to the inside of your Smitten and attach to adhesive on wings. Be sure handles are aligned before adhering. Repeat on opposite end.


Step 5: Build the Sides

Remove paper backing from the strip on the long-side panel. Fold side panel over and stick to adhesive strip. Repeat on other side.


Step 6: Attach Handles

Separate white handle into two pieces. Press together around handle hole in end. Press firmly until you hear a "click." Repeat on opposite end.


Your Smitten Is Ready To Use!

Put the sheet over the mattress. Place the mattress in the Smitten. 

Rest easy knowing your baby will sleep safely and comfortably.