Amber Kroeker, MPH

CEO & Founder

Amber Kroeker is the driving force behind Pip & Grow, leading the development of the Smitten Sleep System. Amber brings more than 5 years of experience in infant injury prevention and safe sleep to Pip & Grow. Her passion for infant well being and research led her to pursue a Master’s in Public Health, become a Health Educator, and grow to be a leading voice in the infant safety community. Today, in addition to her work with Pip & Grow, Amber works as a Child Injury Prevention Program Coordinator at Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon. 

Amber grew up in rural Oregon as one of 8 children. She became a single mom at 18 and felt firsthand the challenge of trying to balance her child's needs against the family bank account. Her life has taken many twists and turns, but she wouldn't have it any other way. These experiences drive her to make the world better, safer, and more loving for babies and families everywhere. 

Amber is a mom to three wonderful boys. When she can scrape together 5 spare minutes, you'll find her hiding in her bathroom watching The West Wing.