Socially-Responsible Manufacturing

We started Pip & Grow because babies are injured or die every day from preventable causes. We want that to change. The Smitten Sleep System is our first step in that direction. Smitten gives babies a convenient and safe sleep space helping prevent infant sleep death from suffocation and SIDS. But, saving babies is about more than using sleep boxes (although, that’s a great place to start). Lifting families out of poverty is the biggest, most important step in preventing all causes of infant and child death.

We’re about making sure that families have access to the resources they need to survive and thrive. Parents need jobs that come with good health insurance and pay a living wage. Children need to grow up in communities with good schools and safe places to play. We believe that people want to work and it’s our role to create good jobs in the places that need them most.

Our Suppliers

Because of the jobs and opportunities Detroit Sewn is providing, 14 employees are able to support themselves and their families, pay their taxes, and positively impact the economy.