Our hospital and nonprofit partners are using Smittens to help eliminate preventable infant sleep death. Here's how:

Crib programs

Many hospitals provide free play yards to families in need. For the price of a single play yard, hospitals can deliver two Smittens - that's double the reach for the same price.

Infant siblings of Pediatric Inpatients

Many pediatric inpatients have infant siblings. It can be tough for families - especially nursing moms - to care for their infants while staying in the hospital with their little patients. Infants often end up sleeping in carseats or even dresser drawers in the hospital room. Providing a Smitten for these families ensures a safe, worry-free sleep space during a stressful time.

Affordable, temporary Sleep Space

Agencies that provide temporary housing, like shelters, need safe infant sleep spaces. Smittens store flat, assemble in minutes, and can be stacked after assembly. They're also about half the price of other options. Smittens a great way to provide safe sleep spaces for infants who are away from home.