About Smitten

Designed by a leading infant-injury prevention specialist, the Smitten Sleep System is more than a box. It’s a cutting-edge safe-sleep space for infants 0-6 months old.



After three years of development, collaboration, and rigorous testing, Smitten is the infant sleep box that puts research-based infant safety at the forefront.


Every design decision was thoughtfully made with your convenience and your baby's safety in mind. 


Smitten can be assembled in less than 5 minutes, without requiring any tools. Everything you need arrives in the package. No more hours spent fighting with confusing instructions and 1,000 tiny screws.


Smitten is constructed from eco-friendly, infant-safe materials. 

At Home

Families surprise us with the inventive ways they use Smitten every day.

Science of Safe Sleep

It’s our goal to make a safe-sleep choice the easy-sleep choice. With Smitten, a safe place for baby is always nearby. 


We tested Smitten in a variety of real-world scenarios - from diaper blowouts to rough sibling play. 

Smitten Story

Smitten was born from a passion to keep children safe. 

Safe Sleep For All Families

All new families should have access to a safe sleep space. Help us provide Smittens to families in need through our donation program.